Next Generation Microcatheter Concept Testing

Understand the current challenges of the microcatheter market, evaluate key stakeholder reactions and willingness to pay for the novel microcatheter concepts.

Client Overview

  • A global manufacturer of innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world


  • The client had developed two novel microcatheter concepts that offer advantages of both Large lumen (2.7F/2.8F Outer Diameter) and Small lumen (2.4F Outer Diameter) microcatheters.
  • Through this research, the client wanted to evaluate stakeholder reaction to the novel microcatheter concepts.


  • To understand current challenges & future expectations of microcatheters.
  • To identify key decision factors and customer preferences when purchasing a microcatheter.
  • To evaluate stakeholders’ perception of the new microcatheter concepts and identify the most preferred concept.
  • To determine the price stakeholders are willing to pay.

Our Approach

  • Quantitative research : Online surveys with Interventional Radiologists in the US, Germany, France, UK and China, who perform at least 5 peripheral embolization procedures (per month) using a microcatheter

Project Outcomes

  • We calculated the procedure numbers and identified the types of procedures performed and techniques used
  • We identified the challenges currently faced by IRs with large lumen and small lumen microcatheters
  • With the help of max-diff exercise, we identified the top important factors when purchasing a microcatheter
  • We also evaluated stakeholders’ reaction on and preference between two new microcatheters
  • We identified the price they are willing to pay for the concepts
  • We also estimated the potential market share for the two concepts, and the source for this market share (from competitors vs client’s portfolio)

Sample Output

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