Meghavi Mehta
Client Engagement Manager
Meghavi is Project Manager at Cetas Healthcare and has 6+ years of experience in primary market research
In this role, she manages research teams and provides actionable insights aimed at driving strategic business decisions for clients and supporting business development activities by defining the client problem concisely and hypothesizing solutions
She has experience in both quantitative and qualitative healthcare market research studies
She is proficient in diverse types of research across life science and medical technology such as market landscape and market opportunity assessment, patient journey, pricing analysis, market segmentation, value proposition testing, concept testing, campaign assessment, brand tracking, etc.
She has experience in both qualitative and quantitative research across multiple therapy areas as -
In the healthcare pharmaceutical segment, - Allergens, Diabetes, Oncology (Endometrial Cancer, BPH, NSCLC, etc.), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rare diseases (Hemophilia and Multiple Sclerosis), Respiratory disorders (IPF, Asthma, COPD), Gynecological Conditions as Pre-term birth, Nutrition segment, Chemist segmentation, etc.
In the medical technology segment - Robotics, Interventional X-rays, Interventional C-arms, Endoscopes, Contrast-Enhanced Mammography, Instrument Organization trays, POCT biomarkers, etc.
She holds an MBA Pharm tech. and a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy
Meghavi Mehta

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