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What is U&A research-

U&A research is a methodology that helps a company to measure buying patterns, product preferences and unmet customer needs in order to determine which product to offer, which market or segment to target, and which channels will be most successful.  The primary objective of a U&A research study is to identify white spaces in the market and market gaps that could potentially be served by a new or existing product or service.

U&A studies generally have market-wide coverage and normally provide a large number of customer and market insights, such as frequency of purchase, frequency of use, attitude towards product/service/brand/ technology, and strengths and weaknesses of offerings.

When to use/conduct U&A research –

U&A research is usually conducted when a company has knowledge gaps in areas including the market opportunity, brand perception, product opportunity, customer or market attitudes, behavior, needs and segments.

Why to conduct U&A research-

  • Inform market positioning strategy
  • Segment your customers basis their demographic/ psychographic attitudes
  • Profile users and non-users of targeted product/service
  • Understanding of the competitive landscape
  • Identification of current barriers / issues faced by the market
  • Understanding about a new market and barriers to entry
  • Ideas on how to improve a current offering or identify new opportunities for innovation


How is U&A research done- U&A studies are typically done using customized qualitative and quantitative approaches on an ad-hoc basis.

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