ISO 9001 is one of the most established quality frameworks worldwide and sets the standard for quality management systems. Cetas Healthcare is ISO 9001:2015 certified and its processes are compliant with Quality Management System (QMS) requirements. The company continuously strives to provide high levels of efficiency and quality services to its customers.

Our Quality Policy for ISO 9001:2015 

Cetas Healthcare offers a unique blend of capabilities that integrate traditional market research, business analysis, and strategic problem-solving by meeting customer, regulatory, and statutory requirements.   

Cetas Healthcare is committed to providing market research and strategy consulting to global medical device manufacturers.   

Cetas Healthcare has a set of clearly defined policies and procedures, determine, and review the achievement of the quality objectives at regular intervals in the company to achieve and enhance a high level of satisfaction across stakeholders including clients, partners, business stakeholders, employees, etc. It seeks to continually improve the services and products that it delivers and apply the best working practices in which the business operates.  

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