Why Choose Our Competitive Intelligence Services?

Cetas Healthcare offers premier Competitive Intelligence Services designed to help you stay ahead in the dynamic healthcare industry. Our services provide comprehensive insights into market trends, competitor activities, and emerging opportunities. By choosing Cetas Healthcare, you gain access to our extensive expertise and advanced analytical tools, enabling you to make strategic decisions with confidence. Our commitment to delivering accurate and actionable intelligence ensures that you remain competitive and well-informed in your market.

Talk to Our Team

Talk to Our Team


    Global Reach

    Global footprint with direct presence and local partners in key geographies

    4Mn HCP Network

    Network of healthcare professionals and MedTech industry experts


    Team with a distinctive mix of industry experience and CI pedigree


    Ethical and adhering CI best practices with proprietary frameworks

    100% Satisfaction

    Seamlessly augment as an extended client team

    Wide Database

    Inhouse repository and access to industry leading databases and platforms

    Area of expertise

    OUR SERVICESCompetitor Profiling and MonitoringGauge competitors' activities, early warningand providing predictive analysis on futureimpact on the market.360⁰ Market WatchA full coverage of competitors includinginformation on patents, clinical trials, new technology,product portfolio, partnerships, manufacturing, trade data,digitization and employees.Tracking InnovationMonitoring product launches andregulatory approvals, tracking of clinicaltrials, new patents filed etc. Supply Chain IntelligenceWe offer a comprehensive view on the competitors supply-chain, manufacturing capabilities to aid in decision making.Competitor’s GTM strategyTrack pre-marketing activities for new products, expanded coverage etc. augmented by intel gathered from conferences, clinical trials, investor documents, articles in journals etc.

    Competitive Intelligence (CI) Service Lines

    CHC’s CI Platform

    CHC’s CI Platform

    • A subscription based syndicated platform that provides extensive, real-time and integrated CI monitoring.
    • Detailed insights are delivered for:
      1. Market Landscape
      2. Industry Trends
      3. Company profiles
      4. Product profiles
    • Key therapy areas include:
      1. diabetes technology, robotics, interventional oncology and more
    Custom CI Programs

    Custom CI Programs

    • Tailor-made CI monitoring program based on business requirements and areas of interest to monitor KPIs such as:
      1. Product innovation pipeline
      2. Regulatory and policy changes
      3. Clinical trials and manufacturing capacity
      4. Marketing programs
      5. Launch readiness
      6. GTM strategy
      7. M&A/partnerships due diligence
    Conference Coverage

    Conference Coverage

    • Conference coverage to understand recent trends, product launches, upcoming technologies through:
      1. On-field and remote team
      2. Strategic calendar planners as per the custom Key Intelligence Areas/Questions
      3. Consolidation of the on-ground and remote insights in a final report along with competitor-level thematic analysis
    Supply Chain Intelligence

    Supply Chain Intelligence

    • Customized insights on competitor’s supply chain
    • Data is triangulated from in-depth secondary research and qualitative interviews of:
      1. Industry experts (current/ex employees of competitors)
      2. Supply side experts (e.g. distributors)
      3. Demand side experts (e.g. Hospital groups, clinicians etc.)
    Competitive Insights from PMR

    Competitive Insights from PMR

    • Competitive insights via in-depth qualitative interviews and surveys from supply side (manufacturers/ distributors) to understand market dynamics and consumer preferences:
    • Insights are delivered for areas such as:
      1. Market trends
      2. Upcoming technologies
      3. New entrants
      4. Market sizing
      5. Entry drivers and barriers
    Sales Force Effectiveness

    Sales Force Effectiveness

    • Evaluate sales team’s performance and compare with competitors in terms of:
      1. Number of Rx being converted
      2. Sales representative quality metrics
      3. Product messaging quality metrics

    Key Features of Our Competitive Intelligence Services

    Our Competitive Intelligence Services encompass a wide range of features tailored to meet your specific needs:


    Market Analysis

    In-depth analysis of market trends, dynamics, and potential growth areas.

    Competitor Profiling

    Detailed profiles of key competitors, including strengths, weaknesses, and strategic moves.


    Comparative analysis to benchmark your performance against industry standards and competitors.

    Trend Monitoring

    Continuous monitoring of industry developments and emerging trends.

    Strategic Recommendations

    Expert recommendations to enhance your competitive position and capitalize on market opportunities.

    Our Expertise in Competitive Intelligence

    At Cetas Healthcare, our team of seasoned analysts brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry. We leverage our deep understanding of market dynamics and competitive landscapes to deliver insights that are both relevant and impactful. Our rigorous methodologies and advanced analytical tools ensure the accuracy and reliability of our intelligence reports. With our expertise, you can trust that you are receiving the highest quality intelligence to inform your strategic decisions.

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    Empower your business with Cetas Healthcare’s Competitive Intelligence Services. Contact us today to learn more about how our intelligence solutions can help you achieve a competitive advantage. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the insights and support needed to navigate the complexities of the healthcare market. Let us help you stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions that drive success.

    We have successfully led and delivered multiple projects under each service line

    CI Service Lines

    Custom CI

    Custom CI Programs
    • Product Pipeline monthly / quarterly monitoring

    • Clinical Trials Analyses

    • Regulatory Landscape Assessment

    • Marketing Performance Monitoring


    Conference Coverage
    • Pre-conference Planner

    • Real Time Conference Coverage

    • Post Conference Analysis

    Supply Chain

    Supply Chain Intelligence
    • Manufacturing Capabilities

    • Supply Chain Shortages

    • Supplier/Distributor Partnerships and Network

    • Sourcing Strategies

    Competitive Insights
    from PMR

    Competitive Insights from PMR
    • Portfolio Adjacency Evaluation

    • Brand Perception

    • Opportunity Assessment (indication / asset prioritization)

    • Price Benchmarking

    • Competitive Landscape Assessment

    • Social Media Analysis

    Sales Force

    Sales Force Effectiveness
    • Establish Sales Force Metrices before Product Launch

    • Sales Force Effectiveness Tracking for a Marketed Product

    • Territory Alignment for Sale Rep Deployment

    Team was very responsive and adapted throughout project based on business needs. Manufacturing capacity is a difficult topic to get quality insights around and the team used various instruments (secondary data, survey, interviews) and methods as we went through project to ensure our business objectives were being met.

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