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Our MedTech and LifeScience Community offers opportunities to share your opinions and experiences about healthcare through online surveys, interviews, and discussion forums. In your role as a panelist, you are contributing to improving the MedTech and LifeScience Industry one step at a time. You are also helping to shape the future of healthcare by participating in market research and learning about new developments in the field. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity – join now!

We are a global community of over 4.2 million healthcare professionals, and allied professionals. We are committed to protecting your privacy and security, and we are a leader in compliance with industry regulations.

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MedTech Surveys Panel

We have a panel present across North America, Europe, APAC, Latin America, and MEA

MedTech Surveys Panel

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Why should I join the Panel?
Participating in research surveys as our MedTech Panel provides opportunities to voice opinions and help the MedTech Industry make key decisions, impacting product development and patient care. Participants also benefit from learning opportunities, peer interactions and earn honorarium for their valuable insights in exchange for their time and expert contribution.
Is this membership free?
Membership is free; on the contrary, we will honour you with industry best incentive for your valuable opinion and insights in our research surveys.
Is there a tenure for the membership?
Membership is for a lifetime, and you would be having unlimited access to our continuing healthcare knowledge enhancement activities.
Will I get paid for participating in surveys?
Definitely your time and opinions are important to us and will duly be compensated.Each survey you participate in will help you accrue incentive and can be availed through Amazon vouchers.
How to activate my account?
Click on the link in the invitation email. Once you reach the landing page, click on Join Now Fill in the required details to become a registered panellist You will receive a confirmation email with login credentials Login with your credentials and you would be ready to take surveys on the go
Why do you need my personal information and what do you do with it?
We need your personal information, to provide you with access to the most relevant Research Surveys as per your area of expertise and interest. Your personal information will remain secure and anonymous of your research study participation.
What happens after I join and in what ways will you contact me?
You will become a part of a network of MedTech Professionals. You will start receiving surveys on the latest research topics and get paid for your participation upon successful completion. Primarily we will contact you through email; however, if you may prefer, we can also contact you via phone or postal cards for research study purposes only.
Can I change the details in my profile?
In case you wish to change your information, login to your profile and click on edit profile.

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