Key Opinion Leaders

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are the most influential experts or advisors who have earned reputation in their field and relied on, to provide assessment of efficacy and safety of a drug or device. Medical Device companies leverage KOLs contribution at various stages of the device life cycle, starting from discovery and R&D to marketing and end user outreach. A collaborative relationship with influential KOLs’ who influence their opinion as speakers, authors and researchers is often a cornerstone of a marketing strategy to build credibility and acceptance within the medical community.

MedTech Gurus, a KOL identification, management and engagement platform created by Cetas Healthcare, is built specifically for the MedTech industry. MedTech Gurus is the only global platform that goes significantly above and beyond clinical (sub) specialty of the KOLs (e.g. Surgical Oncology), and profiles them based on specific procedures (e.g. RF Ablation for Liver Cancer).

Thus, we ensure your investment is converted into a high volume of actionable insights for better decision making in the industry by identifying the right key opinion leader across different therapeutic areas, specialites and geographies. Whilst we help you to know the REAL KOLs better by providing atmost complete and accurate information, but we don’t just stop here, the KOL Profiles are frequently updated from time to time to provide recent developments or changes in their activities

MedTech Gurus Services:

KOL Identification

With our MedTech expertise and in-depth understanding the procedure and therapeutic areas, we strive to provide the most influential and thought leaders. This process involves capturing the procedure specific information from cherry-picked data sources, organizing and analysing the information, and applying coherent scoring methodology to identify the top KOLs according to the respective criteria.

KOL Profiling

We develop a database of MedTech KOLs, Payers, HTA Experts, Hospital Procurement and Advocacy Group experts. Our database provides in-depth information of activities that provides you with greater insights of experts’ activity in various segments that includes Publication, Advisory Board, Committee, Trials, Guideline activities, so on.

KOL Ranking/Rating

We provide a robust rating methodology to rate the KOL once we deep profile them. We provide a 5-scale rating to the KOL based on their level of activity in Speaking Engagement, Advisory Board, Authorship participation in publication, Trial and Guideline Participation. Our KOL ranking would be updated frequently as the database grows. Our ranking strategy doesn’t only apply to Global ranking but also the ranking based on the filters applied on Geography, Specialty, and Procedures.

Digital Opinion Leaders

We help you identify the Key Opinion Leaders on digital platform who has a significant influence on online platforms and frequently shares original content online which achieves high reach (direct followers) and depth (wide audience). In recent years, we see more of KOLs adapting to online presence to maintain their influence and expertise. It is important and can be a complement strategy to represents an opportunity for broader and innovative dissemination to other HCPs and the public

KOL interactions and Engagement

Identifying, engaging, and interacting with the established Opinion Leaders can achieve benefits such as higher visibility, greater reach, and increased profit post-market approval. We help you in connecting to the KOL of interactions and building up the contracts with the KOL recognized, Track and manage the interactions/contracts with them

KOL Mapping

it gives you a complete contextual picture of the Expert/KOL landscape. We provide the significant insights of KOLs’ connections among the peers with regards to shared events, publication, trial and organization activity

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