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    If you are looking for quick insights, our omnibus surveys are the perfect solutions for your data decision-making process.

    Omnibus Survey Essentials

    Target Expertise

    How it Works

    No. of Questions

    Formulate survey with a minimum of 3 questions

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    Target Regions

    Select your target region

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    Choose from a wide range of healthcare professionals

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    Upon finalization of the QRE, receive the survey results within 10 days

    Survey Terms

    Screening Criteria
    “Natural fallout” surveys – other criteria may incur additional costs.
    Respondent Types and Quotas
    Choose your target job titles from the list, but no sub-quotas allowed – based on natural fallout.
    Receive raw data and data tables in Excel format, no OE coding included.
    Ideal for
    Polling, awareness, trends, and dipstick tests.
    Not Suitable for
    Concept testing, value prop testing, naming research, pricing, market sizing, market share, or other quantitative market research techniques.
    Customize with up to 2-3 more questions, expand with additional sample size (up to 30 per market), and enhance with PPT Charts (5-10 slides).

    The power of Omnibus Surveys in MedTech & How Cetas HC is redefining market research

    The MedTech industry, characterized by rapid innovation and complex market dynamics, requires robust and efficient market research methodologies. Omnibus surveys offer an invaluable tool for professionals keen on navigating the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. In this blog, we will delve into the essence of MedTech omnibus surveys, and the nuanced approach adopted by Cetas Healthcare.

    Understanding MedTech Omnibus Surveys

    Omnibus surveys are comprehensive market research tools that amalgamate a variety of unrelated topics into a single questionnaire. MedTech Omnibus Surveys therefore are typically directed towards a broad spectrum of Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), covering disciplines such as radiology, cardiology, oncology, neurology, dental, and orthopedics. The primary advantage of this approach lies in its ability to gather diverse data sets from different specializations, thus eliminating the need for multiple isolated surveys.

    Consider an omnibus survey in MedTech that merges two topics:

    These sections, possibly sponsored by different healthcare organizations, explore the efficacy of AI diagnostic tools and the use and impact of remote monitoring systems. Despite covering distinct areas, both topics target the same healthcare providers, allowing for an efficient market research approach. For survey sponsors, this translates into a time-saving and cost-effective data-collection process.

    The Cetas Healthcare Approach

    At Cetas Healthcare, we specialize in client-centric, tailored omnibus surveys. Unlike traditional surveys that bundle various objectives, our surveys are custom-designed to meet each client's specific needs. Additionally, we offer results in as little as 10 days after finalizing the questionnaire and each omnibus survey we conduct involves 100 Healthcare Professionals, with the specialty tailored to the client’s requirements. Our MedTech expertise allows us to provide on-demand surveys with healthcare specialties and super specialties with precision.

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