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leading global medical technology company that manufactures and sells Perinatal Fetal Surveillance (PFS) Systems, providing solutions for efficient and effective
Unmet need, brand preference evaluation, identification and willingness to adopt new technologies.
To identify the patient care pathway for Valvular Heart Disease and evaluate the key trends in in Transcatheter Aortic Valve
In the dynamic landscape of medical devices, a leading cardiac ultrasound manufacturer navigated a strategic journey that redefined its market standing.
To establish the current baseline on brand health and communication impact.
Understand the market assessment, adoption triggers, and future outlook for CEM in US and Europe.
Understand the stakeholder perception of the new DXA concept and message along with evaluating concept preference.
Value proposition and message testing to understand the willingness to adopt a new IXR equipment.
Understand the market opportunity, customer purchase process and market reaction for client’s new line of 3D/DBT Mammography.

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