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Identify customer's requirements and preferences around cybersecurity maintenance service agreements from various stakeholders.
Understand the current digital trends and identify the opportunity areas for new-age digital solutions to enable the oncology and cardiology service lines growth.
Identify the market opportunity for an automated compounding solution for non-sterile extemporaneous manufacturing in hospital pharmacies
Evaluation of a new non-invasive ultrasound based intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring concept among potential users to understand interest and market potential.
A global medical technology company that manufactures and sells a broad range of medical imaging, information technology, medical diagnostics and therapeutic devices.
Exploring the frontier of surgical innovation, this case study delves into Cetas Healthcare's comprehensive assessment of the emerging market opportunities and challenges for a new surgical robotics solution.
To analyze the adoption and integration of ABUS into breast cancer screening and diagnosis pathways, evaluating its current efficacy, potential for complementation with handheld ultrasound devices, and factors influencing purchasing decisions

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A global medical technology company who wants enhance customer insights quarterly to better inform the product development, marketing and commercial decisions on a consistent basis...globally.

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