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To establish the current baseline on brand health and communication impact.
Understand the neurosurgery market and how a new integrated neurosurgery solution would be perceived.
Current practice, challenges, purchase process, brand usage and perceptions for flexible endoscopes especially endoscopic ultrasound [E(B)US].
Understand the market assessment, adoption triggers, and future outlook for CEM in US and Europe.
Understand the stakeholder perception of the new DXA concept and message along with evaluating concept preference.
Value proposition and message testing to understand the willingness to adopt a new IXR equipment.
Understand the market opportunity, customer purchase process and market reaction for client’s new line of 3D/DBT Mammography.
Identify the technological trends and investment areas to address the unmet needs in Cardiology Care Pathway.
Identify future adoption rate of radiopharmaceutical therapies for theranostics and PET/CT imaging in different care areas.

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