A global healthcare company is developing a new Value Segment PET-CT system which is smart, easy to use, and affordable. The client wants to understand the current market dynamics in tier 2/3 market and understand the business opportunity for the value segment PET-CT.

Date : 2022-Feb-14

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Project Timeline :

5 Weeks

The Client

A global healthcare company is planning to launch a new Radiology analytics solution and a Predictive Scheduling Solution to better address the unmet needs and differentiate itself from the currently cluttered marketplace

The Challenge

  • The client wants to launch a new Radiology Analytics and Predictive Scheduling Solution and before launch they want to understand the current landscape, metrics customers wants to track, usage area or job to be done, key challenges/ unmet needs.
  • They also want to gather reactions of key stakeholder on the solution concept along with the willingness to pay for it.

Our Approach

2 phased approach - combination of Qualitative interviews & Quantitative surveys with the radiology decision makers (head of radiology dept/chief of radiology dept/radiology directors, etc.) and IT decision makers (IT directors/CIOs/Analytics directors etc.)

The Objectives

  • Determine Pricing and Positioning/Value Proposition Strategy of the new RIS Module of Imaging Insights (Radiology Insights).
  • Identify future product development decisions
  • Understand customer “jobs to be done”, buying decision, key personas and key decision criteria concerning Radiology Analytics and Predictive scheduling system.
  • Uncover and prioritize key needs, metrics customer want to track and desired outcomes.
  • Assess and prioritize opportunities for client.

Project Outcomes

  • Based on the research we were able to identify the current landscape of radiology analytics solution along with its usage areas, satisfaction, and unmet needs, etc. in the radiology department.
  • We also were able to understand current challenges of scheduling process and measures used to overcome those.
  • We gathered the concept feedback around initial reaction, likes/dislikes, effectiveness in addressing challenges, and likelihood to purchase.
  • We also identified the key purchase drivers, key features/benefits, and areas of improvement for the concept.
  • Ideal price point using PSM and Gabor Granger pricing exercise were determined for the tested concepts.
  • The target segment were identified based on no. of scans, availability of RIS and analytics solution and level of interest in purchase of concept.
  • Based on the overall insights we were able to provide recommendations on value drivers for value proposition and marketing mix strategy.

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