A global medical technology company developing and selling Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management, Spinal and Biologics, CardioVascular, Neuromodulation, Diabetes, and Surgical Technologies.

The Client

A global medical technology company who wants enhance customer insights quarterly to better inform the product development, marketing and commercial decisions on a consistent basis...globally.

The Challenge

The client wants to gain consistently high-quality insights in a cost- effective manner by building a readily accessible online community of target decision makers in specific customer segments across key regions.

Our Approach

  • Quantitative online survey (20 mins) based on a structured questionnaire developed and finalized with client.
  • The survey was administered to Departments Heads and Managers, Principal/Senior Scientists, Lab Managers/ Lab Heads/ Lab Director (for Commercial Labs) and Technicians in US/Canada, West Europe, China and India.

The Objectives

  • To track the level of awareness, associations, and perceptions of client among customers.
  • To assess the success of the client’s Diagnostics marketing campaign and to test other campaigns in order to target the key audience with appropriate messaging.
  • To evaluate the new campaign material, its strengths & weaknesses, prior to the start of the campaign in order to fine tune any elements.

Project Outcomes

  • Based on the research we identified the current aided and unaided awareness of diagnostic component supplier along with its usage (past and current) and future consideration and compared with previous year.
  • We also evaluated the brand perception and brand linkage of client’s diagnostics products and compared with previous year.
  • We gathered the campaign perception around initial reaction, likeability, clarity, engagement, relevance , uniqueness and comprehension and compared with previous year.
  • Based on the overall insights we provided
    • Recommendations on the changes required in each campaign asset
    • Campaign strategy
    • KPI to track for Brand Equity and Campaign Performance and compared with previous year.

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