HCP Recruitment and Panel Development Services

We are the first and only providers of customized panel development for MedTech and LifeSciences companies. We help our clients build custom panel of highly engaged respondent pool who are pre-screened and willing to participate in market research studies, online focus groups, PMCF surveys, etc. on a regular basis. We are experts in developing high quality panels of Healthcare professionals through our robust and highly validated panel development process. With the panel development services and our MedTech expertise at our disposal, Cetas HC can provide valuable insights and data that helps MedTech companies make informed decisions and drive their business forward.

Elevate Your Market Research with Your Very Own Healthcare Panel!

Experience the power of having your own personal healthcare think-tank, with benefits including seamless execution, cost-effectiveness, improved outcomes, and lightning-fast results. By carefully constructing and curating a community of key players, you can reap the rewards of rich and reliable insights for your healthcare business year after year. Over time, the investment in this initiative will result in a lower overall cost of surveys, with a projected decrease within 12-18 months. With a well-executed plan, you can expect to shorten the research time by 50% or more, resulting in quicker insights into your business.

Why should your CMI group invest in building a customer panel?

Customer panel:

An online group of pre-selected current/lapsed/potential customers interested and willing to participate in a market research studies, online focus groups, PMCF surveys, etc.

Business Rationale:

If you are regularly conducting various research projects with your target customers, then building a pool of respondents that you can tap into for these projects offers the following advantage vs. custom recruitment approach per project over a period of time:

Key features of our service

Highly customizable

Build panels specific to your requirements ranging from few hundred panelists to few thousands to tens of thousands of each customer segment across different regions depending on the specifications and scope.

Faster fieldwork

Saves up to 25% of time on fieldwork with pre-qualified, highly engaged, and available customers to take surveys at any given time

Cost effective

Saves at least 20% cost on research projects and Investment in this initiative will result in overall lower cost of surveys within 12-18 months

Better Quality Research Outcomes

Our robust and rich profiling process ensures better and consistent quality of responses over time.

Insights-As-A-Service Bundling

Services such as: Questionnaire Design, Survey Programming, Data Tabulation, Advance Analytics, Dashboarding, PowerPoint Charts, Exec. Presentation, Stakeholder Workshop.

Why Cetas Healthcare?


Cetas HC is one of the few MedTech service provider who has successfully created Customer Panel for various MedTech clients.

Large team/infrastructure

We have the required infrastructure to build a custom panel for our clients with a large team to handle panel platform technology, customer recruitment with email and CATI options, panel engagement, incentive management, and so on.


We are aware of and follow all the required compliances (such as GDPR and other country specific regulations).


We collaborate closely with the client while developing the customer panel as client’s inputs and feedback are critical.

Case Study

Opportunity assessment for New Business Solutions

Opportunity assessment for New Business Solutions

A global medical technology company who wants enhance customer insights quarterly to better inform the product development, marketing and commercial decisions on a consistent basis…globally.

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