China Digital Radiography landscape, Procedure and Technology Trends, Brand Perception, Competitive Intelligence and Future Outlook (2021-2026)

August 2022

China Digital Radiography report is the first-ever syndicated report that covers the market landscape, procedural and technology trends, and competitive intelligence. The report is based on exhaustive secondary research and in-depth primary research conducted with radiologists and X-ray technologists from level 2 and level 3 hospitals in China.

The report covers :

  • Digital Radiography Devices: X-Ray detectors, flat panel detectors, CCD detectors, line scan detectors, digital image receptor, portable X-rays
  • Procedure trends: by technology, application, and end users.

Insights on hospital structure and utilization, physician diagnostic test selection criteria, and reimbursement are delved into.

Physician’s brand perception and their rank of medical device companies based on 15 KPIs such as technology, clinical evidence, patient outcome, etc. Moreover, diligent examination of physician’s brand usage and brand satisfaction levels, and the factors such as ease of use of the device, and cost-effectiveness among others affecting brand usage have been covered.

Future trends such as combination of a high-efficiency X-ray converting layer and metasurface technology and development of large-area and flexible X-ray imaging detectors are gaining prominence in the market. Breakthrough innovations such Agfa’s Smart XR assistant which was showcased at China International Import Exo are expected to be potential disruptors.

Competitor landscape covers market events such as emerging companies, product approvals, clinical trials, partnerships etc. Competitor activities such as strategic cooperation agreement between Agfa and Su Mei Da International Technology Trading Co. ltd. for expanding Agfa’s presence in China’s through printing solutions and DR; expansion of China-based’s  digital X-ray business in Africa, Asia, South America, and the rest of the world are covered in the report.

What’s in it for you?

  • This report will help Digital Radiography device companies understand the Digital Radiography landscape, procedural and technology trends, and the brand perception and competitive intelligence China.
  • The report is a great resource to plan your market strategy to capitalize on upcoming trends and potential disruptors in the Digital Radiography devices market.

The deliverable includes a 100+ slide MS PowerPoint report and an MS Excel-based 5-Year market forecast model.


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