The China Transcatheter Valve Replacement (TAVR) Interventional landscape, Procedure and Technology Trends, Brand Perception, Competitive Intelligence and Future Outlook (2021-2026)

October 2022
The China Transcatheter Valve Replacement (TAVR) report is the first-ever syndicated report that covers the market landscape, procedural and technology trends, and competitive intelligence. The report is based on exhaustive secondary research and in-depth primary research conducted with performing physicians in Interventional radiology, Interventional cardiology, and Cardiothoracic surgery departments from level 2 and level 3 hospitals in China.

The report covers:

  • Transcatheter valve replacement procedures: aortic valve, mitral valve, and pulmonary valve replacements for applications such as regurgitation and stenosis
  • Interventional devices: balloon expanding THV, self-expanding THV, access catheters, vascular closure systems, and embolic protection devices.
  • Procedure trends: stages of the disease, artery location, performing departments, route of access used for the intervention, and type of interventions


  • Insights on hospital structure and utilization, physician treatment selection criteria, current and upcoming policies for diagnosis and treatment, and payer coverage are delved into.
  • Physicians’ brand perception and their rank of medical device companies based on 15 KPIs such as technology, clinical evidence, patient outcome, etc. Moreover, diligent examination of physician’s brand usage and brand satisfaction levels, and the factors such as ease of use of the device, and cost-effectiveness among others effecting brand usage have been covered.
  • Future trends such as the unpenetrated space of transcatheter mitral valve implantation (TMVI) in high prevalent cases of mitral regurgitation, increasing footprint of Chinese companies in developing next generation transcatheter valves to meet the rising demand of the patient volume in China, increasing coverage of provincial medical insurance, and urban medical insurance to about 80% compared to new rural cooperative medical insurance of 30% for TAVR procedures are covered in the report. Domestic companies in the transcatheter heart valve segment have invested in R&D and are developing TAVR products that meet the local requirement. The domestic TAVR products have a relatively low price compared with multinational companies and can be a game changer in market development in a low reimbursement market such as China.
  • Competitor landscape covers market events such as emerging companies, product approvals, clinical trials, partnerships etc. Competitor activities such as NMPA approval of Evolut Pro TAVR system by Medtronic and TaurusOne TAVR system by Peija Medical; Clinical trial of Edwards SAPIENS 3 Transcatheter Heart Valve and Commander delivery system are covered in the report.

What’s in it for you?

  • This report will help transcatheter valve replacement (TAVR) interventional device companies understand the aortic valve stenosis intervention landscape, procedural and technology trends, the brand perception, in China.
  • The report is a great resource to plan your market strategy to capitalize on upcoming trends and potential disruptors in the TAVR interventional devices market.
The deliverable includes a 100+ slide MS PowerPoint report and an MS Excel-based 5-Year market forecast model.
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