The EU MDR regulation requires medical device manufacturers to provide greater emphasis on clinical data and evidence to ensure that medical devices meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy. However, with such stringent requirements, medical device manufacturers may face challenges in navigating clinical data for EU MDR compliance. This webinar, hosted by Cetas Healthcare, will bring together experts from multiple domains of the EU MDR to provide practical insights on clinical data.
Why should you attend?
  1. 1. Gain an understanding of the clinical evaluation process in the post-market phase of the device
  2. 2. Learn how to define and plan appropriate strategies to meet requirements under the EU MDR
  3. 3. Hear our experts’ experiences to date from multiple manufacturers
  4. 4. Know more about the challenges other manufacturers may face and possible solutions
  5. 5. Get an insight into the tips, tricks, and pitfalls of PMS and PMCF under the EU MDR
  6. 6. Solve hypothetical case studies and benefit from an extended Q&A session
Who Should Attend?

Professionals in –

  1. 1. Clinical Evaluation
  2. 2. Regulatory Experts
  3. 3. Medical Affairs
  4. 4. Clinical Affairs
  5. 5. EUMDR Compliance
  6. 6. Scientific Affairs
  7. 7. Medical Writing

Webinar Details:


20th April 2023


20th April 2023


10 am GMT


Zoom & LinkedIn Live

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Sumit Mehta

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Rachel Derksen

Senior Director, Client Engagement - PMCF & Regulatory Affairs

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