Rachel Derksen
Senior Director - Global Healthcare Solutions
Rachel Derksen, Director Client Engagement at Cetas Healthcare has proven success in quality management of clinical research, implementing multiple procedures/policies, and conducting clinical investigations to enhance efficiency. Adept at contributing to development of processes within clinical research in accordance with new trends/standards and guidelines. Instrumental in communicating regularly and effectively with stakeholders, including clinical, regulatory, safety, project management, and other internal and external stakeholders. Articulate communicator with aptitude to forge long-term professional relationships with exceptional leadership, analytical, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills.Prior to Cetas Healthcare, she performed various roles in both pharmaceutical- and medical device industry. She is an experienced and meticulous professional with extensive experience in leading all aspects of clinical research, strengthening internal/external long-term relationships, and building high-performance teams to conduct high-quality and value-based clinical research. Her emphasis is on fostering connections with all parties involved in order to bring any project to a success. Rachel holds a Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Engineering. She has experience in working with healthcare professionals in both pharmaceutical- and medical device industry.

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