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  • What is Unmet Need Validation- Unmet need validation is a tool to validate the need gaps unsurfaced during the Unmet Needs Identification exploratory phase
  • When to use Unmet Need Validation – Unmet need validation is usually done post the initial phase of identifying the potential opportunity areas. It is done during the new product development,maturity or post-launch phase
  • Why use Unmet Need Validation:
    • Proof of market à Unmet need validation allow companies to determine if they are addressing the market’s most revelent needs, and if there is a substantial market for the unmet need they are trying to address.
    • Proof of product à Proof of product validation needs to be done on technical, operational, logistical aspects, etc., and to ensure that it is feasible for the company to address the unmet need of the market.
    • Proof of utility à Proof of utility validation is needed to determine whether the solution will be appealing enough to customers, what the adoption curve look like, and customers’ willingness to buy. It also allows the company to validate if the solution for the given need is scalable
  • How is Unmet Need Validation done: There is a three-step approach for validating the unmet needs.
    • Prioritizing the unmet needs à Multiple needs are typically uncovered during the Unmet Need Identification phase. This validation step captures customer feedback on the priorization/importance of each need, which allows companies to narrow the list to those that are most common unmet needs in the market.
    • Effect of the unmet need àOnce the number of needs has been narrowed down to the highest priority requirements, companies also need to determine why each need is considered important, and the expected benefit the customer will expect to gain if the unmet need is met with the new product or service. D
    • What has been tried to address the need à This step provides companies with an understanding of what solutions customers and competitors have already done to attempt to fullfill the unmet needs identified. This will provide a direction on what may work or what may not

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