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What is ad testing research?

Ad testing research is an evaluation of an advertisement before it is launched to answer one question: “How do we make this advertisement more effective to our customers?” It is done by displaying a series of advertisements (that can be in the form of an infographic, video, website, etc.) to the target customers and asking for their feedback on each.

These tests can be performed on the entire advertisement or certain sections, and feedback is gathered on anything ranging from the uniqueness of the ad to its credibility amongst the target audience.

When to use ad testing research?

Ad testing research is typically conducted before the launch of an advertising campaign to predict its effectiveness. It helps companies understand how customers will respond to an advertisement and the changes required to better align with target customers.

Why use ad testing research?

Ad testing allows companies. to ensure that their advertisements tap into customers’ interests, and minimize any intrusion by measuring the advertisement impact and evaluating improvements that will make the ad more effective.

How is Ad testing research done?

A standardized process for Ad testing is based and identified based on the elements to be tested, such as headline, imagery, and format. Typical methods utilized to perform Ad testing are:

  • Monadic survey: Each respondent is asked to provide input on a single stimulus.
  • Sequential monadic survey: Each respondent is shown two or more stimuli and answers identical questions about each one.

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