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What is BHT research

Brand health tracking is a research program focused on the ongoing measurement of a company’s branding metrics, such as brand awareness and perception, saliency and purchase consideration, in order to determine brand health and identify opportunities to maximize the success of marketing campaigns and increase sales and market share.

When to use/conduct BHT research

Companies typically conduct BHT research when they are focused on managing and improving their brand performance in their market, measuring the impact and return of branding initiatives, and gauging branding and marketing campaign effectiveness.

Why to conduct BHT research –

  • Track KPIs like Awareness, Trial, Usage, Preference/market share, Loyalty and Perceptions on regular basis.
  • Benchmark and compare your brand to competitor brands.
  • Understand functional & emotional benefits
  • Measure Campaign/ message effectiveness

How is BHT research done

BHT research can be conducted using multiple techniques, including social listening, focus groups, qualitative interviews and quantitative surveys.

These studies are typically run on an ongoing basis, either annually or multiple times throughout the year based upon the dynamics of the customer’s market.

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