What we offer?

Cetas Healthcare CI capabilities include a complete suite of competitor monitoring services based on
your business requirements. The competitive intelligence is gathered through secondary resources
and primary research with participants, and curated based on your KITs/KIQs to provide an accurate,
advanced & actionable insights.

Our Competitive Intelligence practice offers following services:

  • a. Market Intelligence

    A comprehensive coverage of key market developments providing strategic insights tuned to
    your key markets in the area of regulatory, policy changes, clinical guidelines changes and
    studies, pricing and reimbursement that may impact medical device markets.

  • Competitor Monitoring

    A comprehensive guide to your competitor landscape assisting in gauging the competitors'activities, early warning and providing predictive analysis on future impact on the market.

  • Media Monitoring

    A full 360 coverage of competitors including information on patents, clinical trials, new
    technology, product portfolio, partnerships, financials, social media analysis, manufacturing,
    trade data, digitization and employees.

  • Conference Coverage:

    In-person and virtual conference coverage to elucidate intel based on key sessions, poster
    presentations and exhibitors; interviews of competitors provide valuable insights to preempt
    competitors moves.

We provide the best insights for your business