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What is Naming Research?

Naming research is a process done to determine the best name for a product, service, or solution. Research is conducted to understand if the name resonates with a target market or segment.

Why is it performed?

  • Naming research helps companies streamline the naming process and provides unbiased direction.
  • It also identifies any potential areas of confusion and validates whether the name is differentiated in the market.
  • Naming preferences and perceptions by job responsibility, geography, and company type allows companies to determine which name options resonate most with specific market segments.
  • A good mix of ranking and rating scales is used when understanding the usage dynamics for a specific name for your product/ service/ feature.

When is it performed?

Naming research is generally performed before launching a new product or service into the market. Prior to launch, a naming research study is conducted to identify the name that resonates the most with a company’s target market.

How is it performed?

Qualitative Research – Naming research usually begins with qualitative research to capture in-depth customer feedback on attitudes and perceptions towards naming options in order to determine how, what, and why a specific name connects most with the market.

Quantitative Research – Namingualitative research is typically followed by a quantitative study in order to rank or rate potential names for solutions. Quantitative research enables a company to understand naming aspects such as:

  1. Preference level for a name/ terminology – by means of ranking or rating scale
  2. Likelihood of the name influencing the purchase dynamics
  3. Frequency of purchase
  4. The general attitude toward the product when associated with a specific name
  5. End user’s association of the chosen terminology with the brand (manufacturer)
  6. Emotional, functional, and exploratory attributes associated with the terminology

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